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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

About Peaceful English-doodles

English-doodles are an excellent choice for those customers that are seeking temperament over popularity and color trends.  When crossing the English-creme Golden Retriever and the poodle, we create a hybrid with the calm and polite, laid back temperament of the English creme golden retriever, yet we increase the lifespan with the poodle.   American golden retrievers have long legs and are very athletic, but the English cremes have shorter legs and are not as strong in agility.   To be in the presence of an English-creme golden retriever, customers are often struck with their politeness and how very calm they are.   We feel the English-doodles are the finest puppies coming out of our program based on temperament alone.  An excellent choice for those seeking a therapy dog, or those that may have children with special needs.   Organizations like Domesti-pups have chosen our dogs for training therapy dogs.  Several of our puppies have gone on to receive their Therapy Dog Certifications.    When  choosing  for color, choose the bernedoodle or classic American goldendoodle.   When  choosing for temperament alone,  choose the English-doodle.  There is nothing wrong with the temperaments of the bernedoodles or goldendoodles, nor is there anything wrong with choosing a dog for color, but we simply believe the English-doodles are one step above the others in regards to temperament and this is often very evident during bath time as they seem to lay in the water and handle the stress of the forced air blow dryer. 

Sizes:   We currently offer standard and miniature English-doodles.   Our standards can sometimes take on a stocky-shorter build like the English-creme parent.   They tend to be heavy set and dense.  Standards can weigh between 65 and 80 pounds.   Our miniatures are between 28 and 37 pounds.   It is important to keep in mind that in any litter each pup can take after either parent.  On selection day we like to compare the pups with each other, noting which ones are husky and stocky and have the retriever build and also which ones are leaner and longer legged like the poodle.  We specialize in comparing skeletal structures.   

Coat types and Grooming:   As with any doodle they come in an F1 or F1b coat type.   Currently we only offer the F1s so that we can maintain 50% English Creme golden retriever temperament which is a key attribute of this cross.  If you have a family member with severe allergies, you may be able to find the F1b type with my sister, Kelli, at  The F1 choice will be fine for those with moderate to low allergy concerns.   This coat type is considered a high maintenance coat type and regular grooming every 6 to 8 weeks is required.   F1s are classified as minimal shed.   Coat colors that we offer:  Creme, Champagne, apricot. 

Intelligence:   English-doodles are very intelligent and due to their strong sense of loyalty, they aim to please their owners by performing well in basic obedience.   Of course the high intelligence of the poodle is also passed down in the cross.   Retrievers naturally desire to eliminate in long grass and potty training should be relatively easy for these reasons.  

Health and Life-span:    As the English-creme golden retriever has a short life span of 7 to 8 years and is prone to cancer, hip dysplasia and Ichthyosis, crossing them with a poodle provides the hybrid vigor and increases life expectancy to 12 years or more.   We have selected English-creme retrievers from the finest lines across Europe with World Winning pedigrees and famous lines like Dewmist Silk screen.  See Kervchenko and Maliah on the dame and sire pages.