Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

As a little girl I was the child who always played in the barn, tended to all the animals, and roamed in the woods with my dog, Chico- a beautiful long haired black lab mix that looked like a bear.  Growing up without a father, I developed a deep affection for animals at a young age on our family farm.  Married 22 years to Steve Grinna, all my dreams are coming true as we give the gift of animals to our seven children on our own farm. Children learn responsibility, unconditional love, loyalty, respect and even learn about death through pets.  My favorite day is spent pouring up a cup of coffee and peering out the window as I watch my children play with kittens in a tree or run down to the creek with dogs following behind them.  I always remind them to take toilet paper and a snack for their adventures of fort building!  Oh! And how I love to see the kids go barefoot.  I love to see them pick raspberries and strawberries in the garden.  I love to see the surprised look when they pull a carrot or spy the first pumpkin in the patch.  I am a country girl through and through.  I have returned to my childhood as I raise these puppies.  I glorify God in this work producing high quality puppies.  I sincerely enjoy giving a gift to other families with excited faces of  tiny boys and girls.  They squeal with delight as they receive their puppy and I know what that feels like inside!  Kimberlee's Kennels, apart from "Kennel" in the name, produces home raised, heart loved puppies. I  believe in meeting customers' needs and finding them a puppy that best suits their family or their stage in life. What started as a passionate hubby and somewhat of a love affair for animals, has now turned into a reputable business to the point I no longer have to advertise.  I believe this is due to good customer service, healthy and happy puppies, and the pure excitement and dedication and God-given talents I have for animal husbandry.   I look forward to our relationship as we begin our journey together to help you give the gift of animals to your children or simply to fill that deep need within you that I felt without having a father.   I believe pets have a way of speaking to our spirits that no human relationship can touch.  It is a very deep and special bond.  If you are recently healing from having to put your beloved pet down, don't worry, you won't be the first customer to cry on the phone or cry on my couch.  We understand what you have been through and we are delighted that we can help you fill that spot once more with a puppy from Kimberlee's Kennels!   

Meet My Litter:

The true love of my life...Steve Grinna.  My rock. 

Angelica Grace,  our 7th born, making for 5 beautiful daughters. 

The darling twins....Sophia and Stella, age 8.   The real socializers around here.  The twins love all our animals.   They each have their favorite dog, but Sophia loves puppies best and Stella loves the kittens!


Sophia and Stella love taking care of an occasional litter of kittens.

Current picture now in 2017,  Sophia, Garrison and Stella. 

Garrison- age 10, below, just another day on the farm for this lover of nature. One of his favorite things to do is to go mud sliding in the creek! Mom wasn't too happy when teenage son brought home 3 messy little kids and plopped them in the bath tub and disappeared.  He loves exploring the creek with his faithful followers close behind.  Garrison was named after my father, Gary, who passed away at age 49 in 1989. My dad was a musician and Garrison's favorite song is "Puff the Magic Dragon."  He sings it in soprano! 


Moriah Joy, 14, always a smile on this darling daughter's face.  She is a true joy to be around always telling stories and making everyone laugh.  She already knows that she wants to do in life.  She wants to go into political science.  When she isn't happily baking in the kitchen, she is debating politics. 

Below, Moriah makes a replica of a Norweigen Homestead.  


Moriah, on right.   Now 14 years old. 

We love to take the dogs with us on ranger rides to the creek.   The kids love to play mudslide and make mud cookies.  It is great exercise for the dogs throughout spring, summer and fall.   This particular day they decided to paint their bodies with mud.  Atleast they brought back pretty little flowers for me.

Sierra Kaye, 19.  She is an amazing daughter and for many years was my strong right arm.   She is also my very best friend.    She is now a sophomore at UNI.  She is going for a pre-med degree

Grant, now 20.   Featured above, our first born son.   In the first photos, he had just got back from riding on the ranger in the creek. The dogs love to follow him!   Grant was named after great uncle Grant who owned the Grinna family farm that has been in the Grinna family for 150 years.   Unable to have children, he prearranged  before his death to sell the farm to my husband to carry it in the Grinna name.    Grant's wife's name was Stella, therefore we named one of our daughters Stella.  During high school, Grant  worked at a dairy farm for 3 years and  then a position with Sears.  He then spent junior and senior summer working for a construction firm right here in Decorah.    The last photo features grant at his college sophomore internship with Baxter company.  Grant is getting a degree in Construction Management.  He has been offered a co-op internship for junior year.  He will finish his degree at UNI.    Special photos show when Grant was just a boy with his young dog, Captain and then at age 18, with Captain.    Captain left us when he knew his labor of love with Grant was done about a week before Grant graduated highschool.   He is always in our hearts.  

 Family randoms...

Celebrating 150 plus years on the Grinna Family farm!

I enjoy making flower beds in my spare time.  It wasn't until I was finished my husband noticed I made it in the shape of a dog bone!

Thank you for being a part of our family for the short time you were a part of our lives.   We hope you enjoy your new puppy for many years to come!

"People often say to me, "I don't know how you do it all."   All I can  say in response is that we have problems just like any other family.   If it wasn't for Jesus Christ, our family would not have survived some very difficult years.   He alone gets the glory for all things.   All that we have is from Him.   I take pleasure in taking care of all that He has entrusted to us.   He alone is great and amazing, and I would be nothing without Him.  He offers redeeming love and undeserved forgiveness to all.  He alone should be praised for creating such a beautiful, social animal that we all enjoy." - Kimberlee