Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

The Process to get on a list: 

1.)  Decide which list you want to be on under the Available Puppies drop down menu.   Ask yourself these questions:  

A.  What size do I want?  Standard, Miniature or Petite?  For help deciding on size consider your lifestyle and living environment.  The more athletic your family is, the more likely you will want a larger dog as they love exercise and play.   If you are in an apartment or have a small yard,  you might consider a miniature or petite.  For more help knowing the weight classes by pound see the drop down link under the FAQ tab.   

B.  What coat type and genetic make-up do I want?   F1 or F1b?   For help deciding on this see drop down links under the FAQ tab.  Do you want 50% golden retriever or bernese mountain dog temperament, then consider an F1.   If you want hypo-allergenic and non-shed, consider the adorable F1b.  

C.   How do I know which mother list to choose?   First, check to see if there is availability.  Each list will state what the pups will be.   IF there is no availability, you will have to consider different lists.   Many of our lists sell out before birth.   Each mother lets down a certain number of eggs and we try to accept reserves based on the mother's previous record.  A mother that consistently has 7 puppies will continue to have 7 puppies each time.  However, sometimes we are off.   We might take 6 reserves, to be conservative and the mother has 13 puppies.  We will then have extra puppies available.   The opposite can happen as well.  We may expect 7 and only 5 are born.  This is mother nature.   We do not have a product that we can stock on our shelves, although it would be nice.    Our predictions are pretty accurate and we always try to be conservative in our estimates so not to over-promise.  I am rarely wrong which surprises most.  If I am wrong, typically it means more puppies were born than anticipated.  You can pick your mother by her look or color and who the sire will be.  Make sure to understand what the puppies from her will be.   My F1 golden doodle mothers will produce F1bs.   My Golden Retrievers will always produce F1s.   We are here to help you decide which list and help guide you so you know and understand what you want.  Please don't hesitate to call,  563-380-1136.   

D.  Once you have chosen your list, simply reach out to me and I will take down all your contact information and start your customer file and ask for the $300. reserve.   This is also a great time to join me on Facebook for important announcements as it pertains to the due date, birth, and upcoming selection day. 

E.  Now you wait until the litter is born.   By 3 days of age we will do introductory photos.   We will not do another photo shoot until the puppies are 2 weeks of age.  It is a long 2 weeks for the customers.   They open their eyes at 2 weeks and we do our first real professional photo shoot at this time.   We then try to feature the litter with photos every 7 to 10 days on Facebook.   Customers that ask for extra photos tend to annoy me for many reasons that they would never understand.  If one customer thinks I can photo her puppy and not all the other puppies in the litter, then the other customers say it's not fair and it begins a fiasco and I may not have time to do all the puppies that day in the litter.   Therefore, we set the photography schedule.   I have had customers demand photos because of what they are paying for the puppy, but they don't understand that it doesn't work that way.  A photo shoot is an all day event:  Baths, blow dry, 100 photos of each puppy then to edit and delete over 500 photos, then to upload.  In a litter of 10, it is a huge all day event.   We have an entire studio in our home and we do take pride in it and when we do, you will not be disappointed in the quality of our work.  We are often extremely busy in ways you would never understand and we are constantly aware that customers want as many photos as possible.  We typically do about 500 photos of each litter by the time they are 8 weeks old.   We keep very careful track of which litters are due for photos.   Sit back, relax and enjoy the photos as they come.  We always do a nice big photo shoot right before selection day.   Please respect our photography protocol.   

F.   Selection Day happens when pups are between 5 and 6 weeks of age.  You  can see the Selection Day Schedule on the tab above.  You are asked to request a video or visit on selection day.  If you request a visit, we will give you one hour to come with your family to select your puppy as seen on the selection day page.    If you are too far away to drive, we will offer a video of the puppies you are interested in seeing based off the photos that you like.   The video will be uploaded to Facebook during your scheduled time slot.   If you are coming to visit, you will not be able to request a video.  Videos are for customers that are not within driving distance.  You will be given 1 hour to watch the video and consult with us on the phone which puppy you like.   After you have made your selection, we will schedule delivery or pick-up of your puppy when the puppy turns 8 weeks old.   Final payment is due at this time.  Dog food orders are also taken on Selection Day.