Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

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Kimberlee's Kennels
Home of the standard poodle, goldendoodle, Englishdoodle, and Bernedoodle.  
 Specializing in dark reds, apricots, phantoms, cremes and champagne colors.
*Every size, every color*
We are an ethical breeder and offer full disclosure.
Genetically health tested and OFA hip & elbow certified. 
We work hard at improving the breeds we offer as we take deep pride in offering puppies from health tested parents.

4/27/18   Due to 5 births coming this week, 3 births the following week and two contracting teams showing up in two weeks for two separate projects, we are not accepting any extra visits to our kennel in the entire month of May. We are going to focus on the newborn pups, making sure my children and dogs don't get hit with all the trucks that will be arriving. We normally welcome all visits, but we just think it is wise to focus on the tasks at hand and open the doors again when things are not so busy. Selection Days at this time are still open for visits.  We appreciate your understanding. 

 - Kimberlee

"Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa"

"It's not just a dog, it's a family member, for the young..... and the old.  Puppies accept you right where you are.  You don't need to obey, perform or be perfect in any way.  They accept you no matter what you are going through and can often help you heal as they give you unconditional love. Will you do the same?"   

All photos are the sole property of Kimberlee's Kennels and are copyrighted.  Intellectual property is not to be copy and pasted unto other websites.   $5,000.00 fine applies.

Located in beautiful Decorah, Iowa, we raise  F1  & F1b goldendoodles in 3 sizes: Standards, miniature and petites.  We also raise English crème golden retrievers, Englishdoodles and Bernedoodles.  We have different sizes and coat types to offer in each breed.  I specialize in temperament testing and excellent, vet. approved health protocol.   We live on a 212 acre farm, which includes a creek and woods for our dogs to explore in.   Our  adult dogs and puppies run free in our yard or they are in large runs with plenty of grass and shade. They get a lot of attention not only from my seven children, but all of their friends too.  They live a normal dog life chewing on deer bones that they bring home from when they explore the creek, they enjoy running along side the ranger while in the pasture, playing in the yard with their other dog friends is a daily occurrence. They are a part of our family in every way.  They do kennel up at night and they are separated and kenneled during their cycles/heats. We are licensed and  follow all government regulations.  I work together with three highly respected veterinarians and my state inspector to learn and absorb their wealth of knowledge so I can have a top notch program.  We offer beautiful, healthy puppies from health tested parents to families that will love and care for them all of their lives. 

Vet quotes:  

"This breeder knew what she was doing.  This is the nicest shihtzu I have seen in 30 years of practice." (this is back when I used to breed shihtzus) 

 "You have the nicest poodles I have ever seen, especially your stud, Tamale."  

 Vet from Nebraska, "I've never seen a breeder do such an excellent health record."

 "She did everything exactly right."

 I  sincerely enjoy raising puppies and I am very passionate about it.   I have told  my mother, "This is what I was born to do. I feel like I have returned to my childhood."

Please call Kimberlee to inquire about your puppy at 563-380-1136 or

Here at Kimberlee's Kennels we give a strong foundation for well-socialized, happy puppies. How many breeders do you know have 7 children that naturally interact with puppies?

My English Creme Golden Retrievers imported from the Ukraine. They started my Englishdoodle line.

Every year during the Christmas season, my children, puppies and I enjoy visiting the nursing home where my husband's parents reside.  

The above photo has been stolen by scam websites.  As well as several of my bernedoodle puppy photos.  Please see my report filed on 

Parties for my children are always a sure hit.

"Comforting the old hands down to the youngest of hands"

Pictured above, Kimberlee Grinna, state licensed and reputable breeder.   Featured here with Chloe back when I first began.   Chloe is now retired. 

"And...what does the puppy say?"   Featured here "Captain"  raised with my first born son, our first family pet, passed away at age 12 at the same time my son left for college.  

We took our puppies to Sunflower preschool to simply spread the joy of puppies around.  My twins enjoyed sharing them with their friends as well:) 

Call   563-380-1136 or email 

Take a moment to find me on FACEBOOK Search on Kimberlee's  Kennels out of Decorah, IA.  This is a very beneficial tool for me to interact with my customers before and after you take your puppy home.  Before your puppy comes home, I upload weekly photos and videos  so you can have a lot of information for making your selection.  It becomes a fun experience for the whole family. If you should have any questions regarding grooming, basic obedience, mouthing, whining, potty training, and diet, I am here for you.  I also get the added benefit to see my puppies grow up as you post pictures.  I am a strong believer in developing relationships with my customers!  You are a part of my extended puppy family!  We pride ourselves in relationships instead of applications. You do not need to fill out an application.  


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Kimberlee Grinna
2182 Glenville Rd.
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