Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Kimberlee's Kennels is proud to use   BuddyID Microchip system. It is part of your puppy package and it is implanted into every puppy in our program.  The chip and implantation is of no cost to you, but you will still have a $25.00 registration fee to implement once you get home.   There will be a microchip card in your customer folder that will tell you exactly what number to call to get your puppy registered.     

Every year puppies and dogs come up missing.  Some puppies are actually stolen, because these puppies are worth a great deal of money .  Dogs can also "spook" and become disorientated when on vacation and can run off.  We like to offer peace of mind through offering this service while providing it at a discount.  Some vets can average between $55.00 to $100.00. 

Microchips are injected into the animal just as you would inject a vaccine.  It is about the size of a battle ship peg and is inserted in the pocket between the shoulder blades.  You will also have to call  to register the microchip.  I will provide all registration forms when you pick up your puppy.  They will be located in your customer folder.  You can also register online.  There is a fee for registration.     

I will also have the microchip number on file in the event your dog should ever come up missing as well. 

Once injected, the microchip can be read by a scanner when your pup is found or turned in.   The microchip will contain all your contact information. 

Microchipping pets is highly recommended by all vets, breeders, breed organizations, and rescue organizations today.   Micochipping is preferred over the ID method of a dog collar, which can  be removed from the dogs neck. 

Microchips aid in returning lost and stolen pets to their owners in record numbers.

Microchipping your puppy also protects the breeder.  When a breeder sells a puppy with a health promise they need to insure that if a puppy gets sick, it was the puppy that they sold to you. 

Microchipping your new puppy will also protect the buyer.  There are scams that take place in the world of breeding. An unethical breeder might take a puppy to a vet and obtain a health certificate for shipping, only to turn around and ship a totally different puppy.  If the puppy is microchipped the vet will have a record of the microchip number and it will be on the health certificate.