About Bernedoodles

3 Bernedoodle puppies on ledge

A relatively new cross, Bernedoodles are rapidly becoming a huge favorite in trending designer crosses. The striking markings of the Bernese Mountain dog play out beautifully with the wavy, curly hair of the poodle, giving it the "teddybear look" that is a deeply desired trait that we all adore . A real, live, shaggy teddy bear brings us right back to our childhood fantasies. The Bernese Mountain dog is especially fond of children, making for a characteristic that is quite pleasing for most families seeking a family pet. They are loyal, gentle, easy going and always appear to be smiling, not just in their smile, but also in their eyes. They have the classic "big, puppy, dog eyes." The poodle adds intelligence, gorgeous wave and the much desired low-shed coat, making for a wonderful, indoor family pet. They offer uniqueness in coat, with their tricolored markings, whereas the Goldendoodle often has the standard American cream/apricot red in varying shades. With a burst of color with rust colored highlights, Bernedoodles are a sure eye-catcher wherever they go. Crossing these two breeds also increases the life span of the Bernese dog, as they create a healthier pup with hybrid vigor.

Bernese dogs avidly crave attention and will often lean into you to feel all the affection they possibly can. The result of the cross is a puppy that loves you more than you can possibly imagine. They simply need a light touch for training as they are very sensitive. Be positive and patient in training and you will have a life long companion. It may take you a bit longer to get through the puppy stage as the Bernese breed remains immature a little longer than most and can sometimes be a bit stubborn. Of course, poodles are an extremely popular breed due to their calm, sweet nature, which is why some poodle owners are snobs thinking we shouldn't be crossing them as they are perfect as they are! However, 20 years ago, breeders became weary of the rules, regulations and fees from the AKC registration company. Breeders started crossing with the poodle to add intelligence and curl to the purebreds that were so heavily inbred. Thus, you saw the rise of the Goldendoodle, Aussiedoodle, Shihpoos, Poochons, Eskiepoos, Yorkiepoos etc. The result? The public loved it and thus the "Demand for Designer Dogs" began.

Here at Kimberlee's Kennels we are able to offer miniature Bernedoodles in the F1 type and the F1b type through artificial insemination with careful consideration to blood progesterone tests resulting in large litters and perfect accuracy in mating.

Miniatures are often 18 -22 inches at the withers and between 25 and 49 pounds. Standards are between 23 and 29 inches and between 70 and 90 pounds. We currently have seven female AKC Bernese mountain dogs, Willow, Jacie, Hope, Faith, Sookie, Nova, Uma and our stud Rogue.

Thank you for considering a Bernedoodle as a family member 🙂