Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Welcome to our page dedicated to the Englishdoodle.   We have 4 mothers in our program that we mate for this wonderful line of standard and miniature English-goldendoodles.   The most excellent choice for therapy dog work as they are calm, polite, loyal and intelligent.    Meet our four mothers:   Diamond, Flower, Maliah, Nora and the sires, Kervchenko, T.Rex and Jedi.    

Maliah's Miniature Englishdoodles

 DUE 5/1/2018: Confirmed positive.   Spring 2018.  SOLD OUT  $2200

1.) Teresa Krueger-reserve met. ** gender specific
2.) Connie Breiling - reserve coming.  
3.) Chris Wesley - reserve met via check, 300. 
4.) John Vaughn - reserve met via paypal. 
5.) Vicki McIrvin - reserve coming,  2 lists, See Kona
6.) Sherry Benton - reserve met. 
7. Laura Depoint

 Diamond and Kervchenko's 
Standard F1 English-goldendoodles

  Born 2/26/18  We received 7 males and 2 females.    SOLD OUT.  $2200.   

5.)  Jenna Gavle Steffensmeir- reserve met.  "Randolph."
7.) Lori Maronick - reserve met via paypal "Luther"
9.) Ashley Stackis- reserve met.  "Harvard"

Nora and Kervchenko's small standard English-doodles. 

Born 4/14/18.  4 males and 3 females were born.  Nora and Kervchenko make the most amazing puppies that are sweet and mild in temperament.   Colors vary from creme, to champagne to apricot.   Nora is a gentle soul and an excellent mother.  She normally has 7 to 9 puppies.    Approximate May/June go home ready.   1 available.  $2200 

1.) Michelle Meeder - reserve met.
2.) Marissa Diercks - reserve met via check, 300.  **gender
3.) Jill Smith- reserve met via paypal, See pure bred poodle, Flower. * Breeding rights
4.) Jennifer Rhoads/smith - reserve met via paypal. *gender
5.) Dennis (Kelsey) Geraghty- reserve met via check *gender
6.) Anne Oakes - reserve met

Below:  T.Rex