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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Welcome to our page dedicated to the Englishdoodle.   We have 4 mothers in our program that we mate for this wonderful line of standard and miniature English-goldendoodles.   The most excellent choice for therapy dog work as they are calm, polite, loyal and intelligent.    Meet our four mothers:   Diamond, Flower, Maliah, Nora and the sires, Kervchenko, T.Rex and Jedi.    

Maliah's Miniature Englishdoodles

 Spring 2018.  SOLD OUT  $2200

1.) Teresa Krueger-reserve met. ** gender specific
2.) Connie Breiling - reserve coming.  
3.) Mindy Coon Shaw - reserve coming. 
4.) Chris Wesley - reserve met via check, 300. 
5.) John Vaughn - reserve met via paypal. 
6.) Lynda Thorland, see Facebook. 
7.)  Sarrah Yarbrough - reserve coming. 
8.) Vicki McIrvin - reserve coming,  2 lists, See Kona

 Diamond and Kervchenko's 
Standard F1 English-goldendoodles

  Due 2/25/18.   Ready to go 8 weeks later.    A striking mating pair that produces stunning, crystal white English-doodles.  Highly regarded for polite and calm temperaments.  These puppies are the finest choice for therapy dogs for children with special needs or for people that want to have therapy dogs for the elderly.  Both parents are OFA hip certified and have full genetic panels done.  See stud and dam pages.  SOLD OUT. $2200.   

 1.) Rob Norris - reserve met via paypal, $300. **gender
2.) Kimberlee Grinna -female
3.) Karen Rassmussen- reserve coming. Female. 
4.) Kat Van Sickle-gender*
5.) Julie Ummah - reserve met via check, 300, see also Ginger. *gender
6.) Jaycee :Lanning - reserve coming. 
7.) Sarrah Yarbrough - reserve coming. 
8.) Patty Papke - 4 lists, see also Willow

Flower & Kervchenko's 
Standard F1 English-doodles

DUE 2/22/18    Ready to go in April.   Approximate go home ready February.   Waiting for heat.  This is an outstanding mating pair with sound temperaments.   Offspring shown in the light red and creme colors.   SOLD OUT.     $2200.

1.)  Joan Bucy - reserve met.
2.) Jennifer Fair- reserve met via PayPal, 300. 
3.) Jackie Briggs - reserve met via check. 
4.)  Michelle Meeder - reserve met via check. 
5.)  Julie Ummach - reserve met via check.  see Ginger also. * gender
6.)  Shannon McNaul - reserve met via check, see also Gracie. 
7.)  Diane Kupferschmidc -reserve met via check see also Gracie *gender.  (May move up on this list pending 5th and 6th customer decision.
8.) Patty Papke, 4 lists. See also Willow

Standby:  Shelley Fitzgerald - reserve coming. 

Nora and Kervchenko's small standard English-doodles. 

DUE 4/18.  Nora and Kervchenko make the most amazing puppies that are sweet and mild in temperament.   Colors vary from creme, to champagne to apricot.   Nora is a gentle soul and an excellent mother.  She normally has 7 to 9 puppies.    Approximate May/June go home ready.    $2200 

1,) Joan Bucy- reserve met.  See Flower.
2.) Michelle Meeder - reserve met. See Flower
3.) Marissa Diercks - reserve met via check, 300.  **gender
4.) Jill Smith- reserve met via paypal, See pure bred poodle, Flower. * Breeding rights
5.) Jennifer Rhoads/smith - reserve met via paypal. *gender
6.) Patty Papke - 4 lists - see also Willow
7.) Lea Mclaughlin - reserve coming, 2 lists see Scarlette's fall 2018 list.
8.)  Shelley Fitzgerald - reserve coming. 

Below:  T.Rex