Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Our Amish-Built Kennel

Kimberlee's Kennels is proud to present to you our beautiful new Amish built Kennel.  This heated and air/conditioned building provides warmth in the winter, and air conditioning in the hot summers,  shelter during thunderstorms.   It will offer some containment while we are away, or when a female is in heat, but most of our dogs will still run free on our farm.   I am against caging dogs. Cages are only used when dogs come in at night and by that time they are ready to rest.   The building has four huge dog runs in the back. One is located on the south side and three on the north.  There are 5 big silver maple trees that offer shade.   Clean fresh automatic water daily.     Dogs are let out alternately to roam the yard daily, keeping containment at a bare minimum.   Lots of natural lighting and ventilation inside the building.  Litters are born in my home in our whelping area.  When they are old enough they move out to a puppy playpen in my nursery.   You will thoroughly enjoy your experience when you visit Kimberlee's Kennels.   You will have access to play with your litter in the yard and snuggle with the puppies.  You will be greeted by many adults the moment you arrive.  Look into Willow's eyes, fall in love with Gracie.    Most of my dogs get really excited when customers come as they love all the attention!  Be prepared for initial barking which will quiet after you settle in.   Please do not wear hats or sun glasses as you will look like a thief and will freak some of my dogs out!  Mothers are protective over newborn pups.   Expect lots of excited barks and for a few dogs to meet you at the driveway.   Once you meet my dogs, you will see why I love them so much!    Most importantly get to know the temperaments of the puppies, and pick just the right one for your family.  I offer an open invitation to come visit anytime,  I would like you to schedule it as we keep very busy here with lots of work and activities for the children.  There are also seasons where it is too muddy to come.   It isn't always perfect, but one thing I promise you, we are always working on improving things and reinvesting in our dogs.  We strive to have cleanliness each and every day.  The living quarters are disinfected routinely.  Fresh, good air provided in the building during winter.   Dogs may get dirty from playing in the creek in the spring, summer and fall, but they are typically mat free. We take pride in grooming all our dogs.    We are very good at paying attention to the details, such as: cleaning ears, clipping toenails and shaving between paw pads and expressing anul glands.  Some days I have certain dogs in the yard, and certain dogs in the grass dog runs.  I may alternate and take turns, but it also depends on which dogs are in heat, which studs need to be separated, which dogs get along and which ones don't.  You can feel confident that I am very sensitive to their mental health giving each one as much free yard time as I can.   We work as a family and it is a team effort.  We also like to play hard and relax on our deck and take a vacation once a year.  We are firm believers that children learn responsibility and a good work ethic through taking part in our program.  They also learn affection, loyalty and sometimes even empathy through taking care of animals. Overall, we take pride in all that we offer and all that we provide.  We hope you can see our hearts for the true love and passion of what we do and who we are when you come.  

   The construction project...

Pictures of the inside:   I painted all the images on the wall myself:) 

"Every child needs two things; a puppy & a mom who will let him have one!"

New polytek flooring...

Back door opens into four very large runs.

Nesting beds are moved into the garage.

Lots of windows and adequate lighting.

Fresh water is always available.  We have a strict healthy water protocol that all water must be cold, fresh and clean.  No debris, or slime, or hot water or immediate grounds for being fired. Period. 

Our 6 bedroom home with my office...

   Make sure to check out the page "Me and My Dogs."   Thanks for visiting and my dogs will look forward to meeting you in person.  - Kimberlee