Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Shipping by Air.

I currently am state licensed, and I can no longer ship the puppy alone using air transportation via cargo.  2 options remain:  1.) You can fly into Minneapolis, and we can meet you there and due to it being a face to face transaction, we are within the law.  You can schedule a return flight the same day and have the puppy in a soft-sided carrier under your seat.  I am happy to order in the soft-sided carrier in the right size for you.  To have the puppy in-cabin with you, it is normally $100.00 added to the price of your airline ticket.   2.)  We can fly the puppy to you to an airport of your choice.   You pay the following:  Air-line ticket, in-cabin puppy fee, hourly wage of employee about $13.00 an hour from the moment they leave our property until they return home includes all time spent traveling.  We are 3 hours from the airport, gas fee to air port, parking fee for day.  This is the most expensive option.  

By Car.

We do meet customers to deliver puppies.   We aim to meet  half way.  We now offer up to 6 hours in one direction.  If my husband is able to do the delivery, we calculate a gas fee which also includes his time, wear and tear on the vehicle, possible hotel are all taken into consideration if needed.   We try to be very reasonable.  It is typically around .30 cents a mile.  However,  if we need to send our employee Courtney, there is an additional $13.00 per hour added as that is her wage per hour.   We do prefer that if you are within 4 hours that you come here. Please let us know if you need this service and we will take it into consideration.   We do not deliver over holiday weekends.   Please ask for a quote.  Sometimes cheaper quotes can be available if there are multiple puppies in one delivery.   Generally speaking our main areas of delivery are Ames, IA. for about $115.00,   Rochester, MN.  for  $50.00,  Madison, WI.  for $85.00 and Mpls, MN. for $100.   We meet Chicago customers in Madison, WI.