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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

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11/8/17,  Puppy from Nora and Kervchenko.  

Hi Kimberlee-Congratuations on your expansion. How exciting to read your Facebook post. Attached are pictures of Winn Dixie on her first birthday. She was born Oct 9, 2016 to Nora and Kervchenko (sp?). She is a wonderful girl who wins the hearts of everyone she meets. Our dog groomer said she’s the best dog she has ever interacted with and would take 100 of her! - Robyn Davis.

We met one of these lovely puppies while vacationing up in northern MN. The family was smitten over their newest family member and could not say enough good things about Kimberlee and their overall experience...they did not lead us astray One hour after meeting them we looked up Kimberlee's Kennels and put a down payment on the next litter. Kimberlee and her family are incredible. They posted many pictures and kept us in the loop via FB constantly. We were able to watch videos and choose which puppy we felt would be a best fit for our family. We live in Dallas, TX so Kimberlee's husband Steve drove our puppy up to MSP - quite a drive and delivered him to us! We literally got off the plane, picked up Marty and got back on the next flight to Dallas. We 1000% recommend Kimberlee's Kennels! Marty is so well mannered, handsome and is the highlight of our neighborhood and certainly our family. Thank you Kimberlee and family for bringing Mr. Marty Eugene into our lives!

Angela Severence

Hi Kimberlee                                                                          May 8th, 2017. 

I have been meaning to email you for some time about Theo (formerly Gandolf) from Nora’s October litter. He was been a great addition to our family! I thought in addition to seeing how he is doing, you might be interested in sharing with some of the current puppies owner’s as they make their picks soon. We came in looking for a curly female and came away with a plush male, and you helped us pick based on temperament (perfect pick!)

Theo is a mischievous, independent, spunky, fun, happy puppy. He absolutely loves playing with our seven year old doodle Polly. While she is a cuddler who always has to be with us, he is definitely more independent (I think self secure), although he is always up for a scratch or belly rub. He is almost always smiling & everyone who has interacted with him, from his doggy day care providers to his dog walker, groomer, and vet techs love him. His groomer especially loves him, and the first time she groomed him she was down right giddy over how calm he was in the dryer, and specifically said to say a huge thank you to you for acclimating him well. After his second grooming she says he is already one of her favorites, and she has been grooming for over 30 years. 

Not much rattles Theo, while he has the puppy energy, he will also curl up and take a nap the mornings I work from home. Overall I would say he is resilient dog. If he encounters something new he is curious, (not scared as Polly can be), if he falls down he shakes it off, and I think he will great visiting therapy dog some day. I can start working with our trainer when he about 14 months old. Right now he is very mischievous and funny, he loves stealing socks and shoes, and has to make sure we notice when he does. 

Looks wise he is a unique champagne color with dark eyes, and a black button nose. While he started plush, he is gotten much more curly, and his coat is very, very dense. The vet estimates he will be 65 lbs when full grown, when we neutered him at 6 months, he was 50 lbs. I think his build is more similar to his dad’s as he is very stocky, and shorter then his sister. 

Thank you so much for the great work, and careful breeding, you do. We are so happy with Theo, he is such a fun addition to our family!

Thanks so much
Christina, Steve, Polly, and Theo

Erin Batten I visited Kimberlee's house when selecting our baby. She greeted us with open arms, gave us the grand tour, showed us the grounds while many dogs were wonderfully playing. When we picked up our Rookie Kimberlee was thorough, efficient, showed us how to groom eyes and ears, we met her new fur babies (from Russia) as they are treated like royalty. We even got to try Steve's famous fudge...AMAZING! She mothers ALL of them, has heartbreak, joy, and comfort in knowing she is truly doing her absolute best. It is up to us...the new family to prove to her we are providing the same level of care she does. Thank you Kimberlee as I know you don't get told this NEAR enough 😘

Linda Krogman From what I have seen and heard about your Kennels I have NO doubt that the puppies born at your establishment are brought into a world of Love and Care ! The fact that you performed mouth to mouth on the puppy demonstrates that.  The communication between you and the new owners is very strong and helpful. Taking care of new puppies requires a lot of time and expense. Just my opinion!

Lisa Hansen Struchen We got our cocker Lacey from you years ago and had the best experience! She has the best temperament meaning her blood line is awesome too! Kimberlee loves her dogs and it shows! We love Lacey and Kimberlee (Kimberlee's Kennels)!!!

Carol Liddell Neumayer We love our babies Hazel and were awesome to work with..invited us into your home...and show nothing but quality and care for all your puppies...mommas and Daddys. We think you rock!!

 Ashley 'Field' Hoopman We love our Lucy so much! The kids can't keep their hands off of her! You do such a great job raising them and keeping them all healthy. Lucy is so smart and well behaved already, you can tell she was raised well! People don't see how clean, happy and healthy all the dogs are. Keep up the great work!! 😘🐶 

Our lives would not be the same without Leia! We specially chose you after extensive research - because of your love and passion for animals and their future. Thank you!

Our family purchased Damon from you. He was from your December 28, 2016 litter(Crispy and Jedi). His new name is Miles and has been a most beautiful, well behaved, funny, and healthy dog! His vet was amazed at your handiwork of breeding puppies, and I think I gave out 5 referrals just trying to leave his appointment. So many are still impressed with this adorable puppy.  Your pricing seems to be appropriate for your level of care etc. Thank you for all you do to make happy homes for people. Moriah said that she named Damon, so please tell her he is doing really well in his new home!

Jen, Ryan, Seamus, and Sully
Miles too

We are so in love with our sweet new little girl golden doodle! We have named her Murphy. Please give her mama Cookie a special treat for creating such a sweet dog!

I cannot thank Kimberlee and staff enough for caring for her until we could become her forever family. Kimberlee was so informative and available to answer any of my questions through the process. I appreciate everything you all have done! She's so sweet and loving! Thank you again for everything! 

Lynn Wacha reviewed Kimberlee's Kennels5 star
May 6 ·

Updated on 6/6/2016:
I got one of Skye's 2/25/2016 puppies. The F1b was picked specifically for the no-shed and allergy issues. Our grandchildren with dog allergies have spent the last 2 days with our puppy and NO issues. These are children who would pet a puppy and immediately get itchy eyes, sneezing...full blown allergy attack. Our granddaughter has literally put her face in our puppy's fur to get one of his hugs and nothing happened. We are all so in love with our Sonny (Sawyer).

Original review:
I took our puppy Sonny "Sawyer" from Skye's litter born 2/25 to the vet today for his first checkup. The vet said he looks fantastic!!! There was another lady waiting for her dog who was a tad bit obsessed with my puppy She asked me where I got him and I told her. I also said I would not hesitate for a second to get another puppy from Kimberlee's Kennels!!

We are loving this little guy so much. He is SO smart already.

Thank you again for giving our puppy such s great start!

kimberlee Kennels came highly recommended from a friend and after going though the process of getting an English Goldendoodle from her I can understand why she came with such high praise. The love and care she has for all of the dogs is second to none. We could not be happier with the dog we have now and the whole process of working with Kimberlee. I would definitely highly recommend and when the time comes to consider another puppy she will be first on my list.

We recently purchased a Standard English Doodle from Kim and after a week could not be more please with his intelligence, compatibility, loving nature, but most of all how he adapted to our huge family and his tempermanent while he was handled. He already comes to his new name of Luke, sits on hand commands, goes down with voice and a little cajoling from treats, and is about 80% potty trained. Kim and Steve were professional in all our meeting with the attitude you can call me at any time and please send the updates on Luke/Cotton. So here is your first update. Merry Christmas Steve and Kim! We already have the best present possible.

Kimberlee has been nothing but helpful and up front from start to finish. I have thoroughly scoured her website and found wealths of information about how she works, what to expect, and a plethora more details about her pups I didn't even know I needed. We are very happy to be picking our new puppy from such a hard-working and reputable breeder and overall businesswoman. We're thrilled with our experience with Kimberlee and recommend her to anyone looking for a new pup that will come from a truly good home.

Our experience with Kimberlee's Kennels was wonderful! She helped us prepare for our new boy and was very organized with the "bringing home puppy" packet. Our English Doodle from Kimberlee is the best dog I have ever met. He has been so sweet, loving and loyal from minute we brought him home. The temperament tests were right on. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into the health and well being of every puppy she raises.

Kimberlee is the most hard working amazing breeder I have ever come across. When searching for a reputable breeder for a golden-doodle I searched Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota and finally Iowa where I found Kimberlee. I have been on a list since February of 2016 and I was just down there last weekend to finally pick out my pup, I couldn't be more pleased. She is one of a kind and you will not go wrong getting a puppy from her!!

I am so happy with this breeder. She is truly a five star breeder. She goes the extra mile to make sure her puppies are in great health!!! My Molly just makes me happy when I see her sweet face greeting me with tons of love every morning and every day when I get home from work. Such unconditional love!!!

We brought our "Oliver" home one week ago today. We are extremely happy with our puppy! He's very smart and he's a sweetheart! He's been the easiest puppy we've had to start on potty training. I was so impressed with the care Kimberlee gives her puppies. Kimberlee is great about answering any questions and her website is very easy to use and has a wealth of information. She really gets them off to a good start in life. I was impressed with the wealth of information we received with our puppy, potty training info, grooming info, temperament testing, health and medical info, and microchip. We chose to purchase the Nutri Source puppy food and we're glad we did. There was no transitioning Oliver to another food. Our other puppy even likes it. Thank you Kimberlee for raising such beautiful dogs! We absolutely love Oliver!♡

Kimberlee was so kind when, due to family circumstances, we had to back out on our puppy last fall...heartbreaking decision and she was only kind and supportive, even allowing me to use my deposit towards a future pup...which she did NOT have to do. I am looking forward to a wonderful friend joining us one day, from any of her exceptional litters.

We picked our sweet english golden doodle, Charlotte, a few days early. Kimberlee's Kennels were very accommodating and Charlotte is absolutely wonderful! We love her to pieces and are so thankful to Kimberlee's Kennels for bringing her into our lives!

We are very impressed with the care that kimberlee takes for all her dogs and are thrilled to have such a sweet, lovable pup who's already potty trained! Couldn't be happier! Highly recommend!

Josie Anne reviewed Kimberlee's Kennels5 star
May 15 ·

We brought home "Carmen" from Skye's 2/25/16 litter at the end of April and have absolutely loved her! Kimberlee was so great to work with during the whole process. She got back to us quickly, was super helpful during the selection process, and took time to talk with us when picking up our pup. It was great to get photos during the 8 weeks after the puppies were born, along with cute videos. Our vet was incredibly impressed with how well our little pup was cared for and was happy we chose such a responsible breeder. We would highly recommend Kimberlee to anyone and would not hesitate to buy another puppy from her again!

Kimberlee is the best! If you are considering a puppy Kimberlee is your girl! She was super friendly and accommodating with all our questions. She loves her puppies and she takes excellent care of them. We got our sweet Ella 2 weeks ago and she is an amazing puppy!!! My vet said she is a great dog and was very well taken care of with all her shots. She said Kimberlee must really care and is a good breeder. Thank you Kimberlee! I promise to keep you posted with pictures of Ella!

Very professional and truly is dedicated to raising excellent puppies. I would not hesitate recommending her or getting another puppy in the future!!

Leana Owen reviewed Kimberlee's Kennels5 star
May 1 ·

If you're looking for a sweet, healthy, well- adjusted puppy & excellent customer service then Kimberlee's Kennels is the way to go! Kimberlee & her family went above & beyond to make sure i got my puppy. And the advice & support even after i brought him home was superb! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Kimberlee!!!!

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Kimberlee is great to work with! She takes great care of our dog while getting her breed for us! Great breeder that takes pride in her work.

We couldn't be happier after our adoption of our sweet Maddie!! Kimberlee was so friendly and you can tell she loves her pups! Our Vet looked over all her paperwork and she made a comment that a lot of times the breeders are a bit off the wall with their recommendations, however they told me that Kimberlee was right on with what they recommend!!
The next time we are looking for a puppy, I'd for sure go with her again!!

We picked up our little golden-doodle last Wednesday and we are thrilled. I worked with Kimberlee over the phone and not only is she amazing to work with, she is very knowledgeable. Our first vet check at home was excellent. Our vet was very impressed with the worming process and the microchip, as most breeders don't go to that extent. It sure made me feel good and I would recommend Kimberlee Kennels any day. We personally met Steve, but someday we'll travel up to their part of the country and personally meet Kimberlee. Thank-you - we love our puppy so much.

We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Kimberlee! We just purchased our first ever cockapoo, Little Scout! He's a beautiful little puppy. Kimberlee runs a top notch business and her priorities show - taking care of her dogs and puppies and making sure her customers are totally informed and satisfied. We couldn't be happier! Thanks Kimberlee and family.

I have been looking at several website for gldendoogles, the information tha Kimberlee Kennels offers on ther website is awesome!

I have not yet gotten a puppy . When the time comes this will be where our next family member will come from . Kimberlee is such a compassionate and loving person who you can tell really loves her dogs and gives them the best of what they need.
I love seeing all of the pictures of your beautiful puppies and of your adult dogs.
thanks for sharing .

I have been so blessed to have been able to get one of Kimberlee's Kennels miniature golden doodles!! They have the best personality! So fun and happy all of the time!! I wish I could get another one!! I would highly recommend getting any puppy from her!

If you want a quality puppy and someone that that puts her heart and soul into everything she does for your puppy, then you go to Kimberlee's Kennel!!!

Kimberlee was awesome! Our puppy is the cutest, sweetest little cockapoo ever! Our vet said we were lucky to work with such a professional and we couldn't agree more!

What a wonderful experience adopting our cockapoo puppy from Kimberlee! She is such a wonderful addition to our family! Perfectly healthy and wonderful temperament. Thank you!


Kimberlee is amazing!:) we love our hershey♥ he is soooo good&everyone is impressed! Great job!!! I wouldnt buy a puppy anywhere else!:)

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I bought a Pooch on from Kimberlee a little over 2 years ago and I definitely would go back! Highly recommended!!

I think it's amazing. .. nice looking dogs... I give her a big thumbs up! !!!

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