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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

"Hybrid Vigor"


Many customers and breeders are recognizing the importance of this wonderful heath attribute in cross-bred dogs.

Hybrid Vigor is a term that describes what happens throughout all species.   When unrelated breeds are bred, the off spring in the first generation will be more healthy, fertile, and mentally sound than either parent breed.  This first generation, as the geneticists call it F1, will be intermediate in characteristics to the parents and resemble both parent breeds.

Hybrid Vigor is the term used to describe the burst of fertility, good health and growth that is seen in the progeny when two unrelated breeds are mated. 

The longer these breeds have been seperated, and the greater the difference between them, the stronger will be the resulting hybrid vigor.  

Making the goldendoodle, Englishdoodle, aussiedoodle brilliant choices.  The doodle crosses, for the most part are non-shedding. That is a plus for nearly all of my customers. Goldendoodles and aussiedoodles are also great with children and with other animals.

You must trust the breeder to provide puppies born of pure bred parents.  Without purebred parent stock you are in unknown  territory.  I warn people to be careful.  Be clear what you are getting.  We also open our farm up for your visit once deposits are placed.  I have nothing to hide and welcome you to the farm.  Here at Kimberlee's Kennels, it's all about relationship.  Getting this new family member should be a joyful time and should be a great experience for your whole family.  We also throw in free ranger rides for the children!

Lastly, poodles are hypoallergenic, and are rated in the top five smartest dog breeds.  Golden retrievers have been America's breed for many decades because of their deep sense of loyalty and gentle spirits.  The mating of these two breeds has thrilled many with a loyal, fun, smart non shedding  breed. 

"Designer Dog verses Mutt"

 Designer Dogs have become increasingly popular the past couple of years. Is it a passing fad or here to stay? What is a Designer Dog? How did they get started? There is more to a Designer Dog than being a mixed breed. Many considerations have been involved. Even well known breeders and judges of Purebred dogs are becoming fans of the Designer Dog.

 There are so many different mixed breeds that have become known as a Designer Dog, it would take more than this lens to list all of them. The difference between a Designer Dog and a Mutt is the breeding. That's kind of funny, because that's the difference between a Purebred and a Mutt. Did you know all Purebreds were at one time a mixture of breeds?

The most important thing to remember about these new crosses is that they are dogs and all dogs need love and care. They are a long term commitment. So whatever you decide, be sure to commit to your new dog for life.

Getting back to the difference between Mutts and Designer Dogs. Most Mutts are of unknown origin. Mutts can have more than 2 breeds in their heritage. Whereas to create Designer Dogs, two  Purebred dogs are bred together on purpose in order to produce certain desirable qualities from both parents.  Did you know that all purebred dogs were once designer dogs? They all began as a mixture of other breeds to achieve a certain type.