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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Explaining the Differences :


F1 doodles = Golden Retriever crossed with a  Poodle, low maintenance coat with wave and considered very low shedding.    The puppies are 50% golden ret. and 50% poodle.   The f1s can come in standard or miniature, depending on whether the poodle is standard or miniature.   The coat type is wavy and scruffy.   A customer would select an F1 if they love the golden retriever temperament as this cross has the most golden retriever.   High sense of loyalty, low shed.  Some F1s will have a sport coat.  For more on coats, see the page Doodle Coats.

F1B doodles = Goldendoodle bred back to a poodle, higher maintenance coat with curl and considered non-shedding.  Best for those with allergies and customers who want a really curly doodle as the pups are 2/3rds poodle.    All the pups should have a good amount of curl.  F1bs come in standard, miniature and petite sizes. 

F2 doodles = F1 Goldendoodle bred to an F1 Goldendoodle.  Shedding factor can vary and wave or curl can vary depending on the gene pool in each puppy.  I do not offer these.

Multi-Gen doodle = Two Goldendoodle parents.   One parent has to be an F1B or multigen.  A poodle bred to a multi-gen goldendoodle also constitutes a multi-gen. I do not offer these. 

Double Doodle = Labradoodle crossed with a Goldendoodle.  I do not offer these.


Standards-  Golden retriever bred with a standard poodle or standard goldendoodle.  Puppies are large, 60+ pounds.   Weights of parents should be taken into consideration.

Miniatures- Miniature goldendoodles are any of these lines above used with a miniature poodle stud.   Miniatures are most often produced through artificial insemination, therefore reflected in price.   A breeder would not have a standard sized golden retriever stud mate with a miniature poodle  female due to birth canal problems.   Therefore, the female would always be a standard golden retriever  or standard goldendoodle and the stud would be  miniature poodle, under 15 pounds.  On average the pups will weigh between 25 and 35 pounds.   Typically to estimate adult size one would double the weight at 12 weeks and add 10 pounds.   Also, to determine size, take a careful look at the size of the paws,  bone density and structure of the pup.  Does it have a poodle like structure or a blocky/husky structure?  Your breeder should be able to give you a comparison within the litter mates.  We can also weigh puppies to determine which ones in the litter will be smaller and which ones are charting larger.

Moyens -  20 pounds

Petites A miniature goldendoodle bred back to a toy or miniature poodle.  These are always F1bs.   Size is typically under 24 pounds.


Remember:   Regarding goldendoodles:  2 types:  F1 or F1b.   4 sizes:   Standard, miniature, moyen and petite. 

Customers that select an F1 (50% poodle and 50% golden retriever) want 50% golden retriever in the temperament of their puppy and low shed is just fine.   F1s have a wavy/scruffy coat.  


Customers that select an F1b want a curly puppy, see photo below, the non-shed factor and aren't as concerned about having 50% golden retriever temperament.  They may even have a family member that has allergies.  Technically, they are 2/3rds poodle.  Often they love the curly look of an F1b.  

Once you decide on type, then consider size.   Standards 60 pounds plus, Miniatures 28 to 35 pounds,  Moyens 20 pounds, petites under 24 pounds and as small as 12 pounds. 

Standards come in F1 and F1b type.

Miniatures come in F1 and F1b type.

Moyens only come in F1b.

Petites only come in F1b. 

Above, example of petite f1b curly.  

Above, example of miniature F1 wavy.