Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Dear my first human mom,
I love you and miss you and please tell my puppy mom & daddy that I love and miss them too!
I like living with my new mamma though.  She loves me and gives me hugs & kisses & belly rubs & treats. 
I get to sleep on her, so I can feel her breathing & she can feel mine & I can keep her warm & that is all very nice!
I have lots & lots of toys & they all have names like "Mr. Rabbit, Bug, Flame, Croaker."  My favorite is Mr. Rabbit.  It doesn't have any stuffing & it is really long.  Mama and I play "tug-of-war."
I also play fetch, & I sit to command & shake.  Mom takes me for long walks. I like to sniff all the trees. I liked jumping in all the leaves when mama was raking them! 
There are a bunch of kids next door that like to run and play with me.  My favorite is Chris.  I have 2 girlfriends, Sadie & Lola.  They are both a lot bigger than me, but we have so much fun rolling & wrestling in the yard. 
I love to chew on my nyla-bone and sticks too.  I like to chew on mama's fingers and toes too, but I'm learning not to do that cuz mama doesn't like it & sometimes I have to sit in time-outs.  
I like to go for car rides too.  Mama has a special seat just for me so I can see out the window!  
I get my haircut every 2 months and just had it done last week & I am so handsome you wouldn't believe it!  I weighed 12.2# last week too.
I like to follow mama around like a shadow, so I am in every room with her.  She sings to me too & that is nice, & I can dance on two legs!  I've been really healthy, except it took me 2 weeks to get over the giardia and 4 weeks to get rid of coccidia.  I still had it after the first two weeks, so they had to double the dose, but then I was all better.  I've had my shots & I got neutered (yuk!) in Sept. & mom had my tail docked then too, while I was asleep, cuz somehow I broke the end of my tail.  I never complained & we don't know how I did it, but the nice Dr. thought it was best.  
I have like four different harnesses now- red, blue, orange and purple.   I look best in the red one I think.
Mama says I eat like a little piggy cuz I eat all my dinner in about 2 minutes flat, but the vet says I'm neither too thin or too fat, I just eat too fast.  I have a cousin Maggie, who is a miniature Schnauzer who comes to stay with us for a week sometimes when her mommy & daddy are gone.  We have so much fun playing together!   We run races in the house & stand up on two legs to hug each other & play.  This weekend I found out this thing mama has been talking about, called snow.  It's strange stuff & I'm still not quite sure what to do with it- eat it or play with it? 
I'm sending you a picture, it's not a very good one, but mama has more on her camera that is better.  She said I could send you another one another time.  Mama says if I continue to be good, Santa is going to bring me lots of presents.  Oh, I'm almost potty-trained.  And when I don't go outside, I always go into the bathroom & go on my puppy pads.
Mama says it is supper time, so i have to go now.  I hope you have a good Christmas!  Maybe if you're good, Santa will bring you lots of presents too!  My mama sure loves me & I love her too!!