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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

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A Story For You..
Frey Pet Hospital on facebook:

"What are the odds?! Two 14 week old Miniature Goldendoodles were scheduled back to back for their new puppy exam with Dr. Steen. When he heard they were the same age and from the same breeder in Decorah he knew these brothers had to be reunited and we captured the precious moment. Play dates are being scheduled so Berkeley and Brutus can stay in touch!"


Please see my business page on facebook and feel free to contact any of my customers.   Most of my fans are there continually sharing their puppies and experiences.  I have over 5,000 likes/fans on my business page.  I have tons of photo albums there for all to see.    I also like to make facebook group pages for my litters, so that all the customers from a single litter can watch all the littermates grow up together.  It is a place to share "puppyhood" with its trials and joys.  YOU are not in this alone.  Choosing to purchase a puppy from Kimberlee's Kennels, you belong to my big puppy family and get all the support you need.   It's an exciting time and it is so much fun for the whole family!   You can see a lot of my content customers on facebook and ask to speak with any, simply with one question on my profile:  "What do you think of this breeder?"   Feel free to post it at anytime.   There are no politics with me,  no application, no huge deposit, no phone interview, nor do I ask for your driver's license and do a back ground!   I form relationships through facebook and truly delight in producing a wonderful companion for your family.

Above, one of our dogs featured in the musical Annie.  "Sandy" brings it home in a stunning performance! 

Above,  One of Diamond's puppies earns there Therapy Dog Certification.