Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Fun Facts

Longest Ears on a Dog:  bloodhound = 13.75 inches
The oldest Dog EVER: Australian cattle dog = On left: 29 years and 5 months name: "Bluey"


Heaviest Breed:  Mastiff & St. Benard = 165 lbs -200 lbs.


Largest litter of puppies:  Mastiff = 24 puppies On left, the actual litter. (2004)  

First dog trained to identify illegal mobile phones of prisoners = Springer Spaniel.

Fastest dog to pop 100 balloons = Jack Russell Terrier = 44.49 seconds

Tallest Dog:  Great Dane = 42.2 inches

Smallest living Dog by length:  Chihuahua = 6 inches (nose to tail)

Most popular purebred dog =  For the 18th consecutive year, AKC announces the "Labrador Retriever."

Photo Captions:

"Hey, who's the new gal?

"I gotta go! I gotta go! I gotta go!"

"Yay! It's spring!"

"Dog gone it! The twins ran off with my newspaper!"

"Heya sweetheart! Ya got cold feet? My place or yours..?"

"It's an 80's thing. You should see my leg warmers..."

"I'm too sexy' for my hairbow,
too sexy for my hairbow...
too sexy.... 4 U!"

"Yummy placenta!"

"Oops, I farted!"

"Tis' the season to be doggie...
fa la la la! La LA!"

"And what does the puppy say?"

"The puppies were barking....
the poor baby cried...."

"You're killin me girl!  No way!
You gotta be kiddin' me..."

"When she's not lookin', pee in the 

"OK! Really mom! Do I have to
wear this to school...... All the other
dogs will bark at me!   Please mom! 

"My mom just thinks this is cute...
wrong place....wrong time."

"Hhhmmmm....yep, you're new around here
It's official: new butt smell, you are
really not one of us,  let me taste just
a bit to confirm."

"Nana nana boo boo! can't catch me!"

"Ahhh geez....I'll make my
funny face AGAIN!"

"Buddy ol' pals!"
These four cute photos by Sheila King Photography!

"Dogs don't always need us, we need them..." 
-Cesar Milan

"I'm lookin' a little white these days,
must work on my tan."

"The intelligent dogs come from Kimberlee's Kennels."

"You ain't da boss of me."

"The cutest dogs come from Kimberlee's Kennels."

"Wassup dawg?"

"Baby meets baby."

"When you learn to walk and run, we can chase cats!"

"Just because we soooo dang cute!"

"Nothing better than a boy and his dog."

"Just because my mom thinks we are cute." 

"Slurpy of the best kind."

"So if I understand this right, I have to pee a lot..." 

"Snuggle Buds"

"Whatcha doin'?"

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