Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Kimberlee's Kennels Family & Employees

We are truly thankful that God has allowed us to have such a successful home-based business.   We truly enjoy what we do and we take pride in our dogs, facility and yard.  Although things aren't always perfect, we are always looking for ways to improve.  We have had an opportunity to grow beyond what just our family can take care of due to a high demand from the result of quality customer service and happy customers.  We are now enjoying many referrals from all of our four legged advertisements out there.   We have hired  some very fine help, which is allowing me to actually cook for my family a little more often.  This page is dedicated to all the people that make this possible that do a lot of the hard work behind the scenes.  

Steve Grinna

Idea Squasher

In the middle, my husband Steve featured with his best friend, Eric, on the right and our son Grant, on left.  Enjoying shooting Crosman BB Guns that were refurbished from back when they were children in the 1960s.   This was a very special day. 
Steve is now retired and enjoys getting my "do list" each morning after he gets the children off to school.   He manages the business side and all the buildings, runs and yards.  He also makes almost all delivery trips.    Prior to being my lawn boy, he was an RSM for Thrivent Financial Insurance and then became the Director of Development for the Norwegian Museum.  


Founder & Entrepreneur
 Professional, state licensed dog breeder.  


Taya Duehr

Kennel Attendant

Taya,  she is a country girl through and through.  She was hired spring of 2016.    She actively participates in FFA and the county fair.  She has shown dogs and her mother also has a small breeding program.   In her spare time, I think it is pretty obvious that animals are what motivates her steps!    Taya helps with grooming, puppy care, painting, office work, chores, and fills in wherever I need her to.  She is actively involved in sports and only works part time.  

Ann Wild

Supervisor & Professional Photographer

Ann came on board late summer of 2016 to learn all aspects of business management, including customer selection days, artificial insemination, vet appointments, whelping,  deliveries, customer pick-up appts, website design, photography, customer files and to run the entire program when I am on vacation.   She is also admin on the facebook page and answers all questions via email, phone or messages received on facebook.   You may see her signature on the bill of sale as she often works in my office making sure everything is ready.   Ann is also starting a breeding program of her own called Wild Paw Doodles. 

Courtney Berger

Kennel Attendant & Internal Medicine.

Welcome Courtney, winter 2017.   Another strong Iowa girl with a "can-do" attitude.   She tells me she will be the man-strength around here.  Definitely the girl behind the scenes making sure everything is in order for the next day and willing to jump in and get the job done.   Her strength was evident when she picked up two 35 # bags of dog food and carried them  down to the kennel one in each arm.  Courtney specializes in health protocol, medicine and whelping.   She makes sure all litters and adults are up to date on the many meds we give.  She has a keen eye for detail and nothing goes unnoticed when she is on the ground.  We are glad to have her on board to complete our fantastic team.    She makes the do-lists, and she checks them twice. 

Erin Scherf


A full sister to Ann, Erin is my beloved house cleaner.   She pays attention to all details from yard, to house, to all buildings on property to be deep cleaned, quarantined and looking and smelling lovely at all times.   She does anything I ask her to do and is a very hard worker.  She gets the house and property ready for Customer Selection Days.   She goes the extra mile always lighting candles, diffusers and giving bathroom once-overs for our customers!  How about that funky hair-do? 

Katarina Van Sickle

Kennel Attendent, Groomer, Neonatal care & Dog Trainer

Kat is our newest addition, hired fall 2017.  She does all our professional grooming and keeps all adults looking their best.   She has started our Extended Stay Training Program.   She also serves as kennel attendant.  She takes pride in whelping litters and handling puppies in need of special intensive care. 

Lexi Shelton

Kennel Attendant.

Lexi is the newest addition to our program.    She enjoys working with dogs and has  a natural love for animals.   She is currently a college student at Luther College.   We love her cheery attitude and positivity.