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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

The Midwest puppy playpen is a great containment system for your new puppy.  An added benefit is that as your puppy was used to eliminating in the playpen, customers have reported that while the door is left open during the day, the puppy hops back in to eliminate  the very first night home!  Have fun hanging toys from the top so your puppy can play while you are away!  Place a nice soft bed on one side and secure two snappy fit bowls on the side of the pen that can be elevated as your puppy grows.  See bottom left photo.  Secure bowls make for less spilling!  70% of my customers order these in.  

Benefit 1:  Elevated floor grid helps your puppy stay clean and dry!  Using a regular crate, your puppy can walk and sleep in the elimination while you are away and now you have to not only clean the whole crate, you also have to give your puppy a bath. 

Benefit 3: Top access makes it easy to fill food and water bowls.  Also allows for gentle scrubbing when needed.   If you use a regular crate, they are likely to make a poop slushy by the time you get home which turns into a huge job.  

Benefit 5:  Slide out trays can be lined with paper towels, newspaper or puppy wee wee pads for a quick and easy clean up at the end of your hard day!  A little bleach spray keeps bacteria away.  Best of all this system is portable, so if you need to leave town and you can't take your puppy with you- simply bring him to your neighbor's or a close friend!  No longer need to rush home to let the puppy out!  

Benefit 2:  Lock is designed so your puppy does not get his paw stuck when asking to go out.  Other containment systems do not have this. 


Benefit 4:  Coated floor grid is soft on your puppy's pads.  Drop through grid with the 1 inch square is my personal recommendation.  Also comes in a 1/2 inch. 


Benefit 6:   Often new puppy owners have fear and anxiety about new puppy care regarding the fear you might feel to have to rush home to let the puppy out, or even fear that your house might get wrecked when you are away.  Last but not least, fear that the puppy might jump up and scratch a young baby or child when they are playing on the floor.   You can simply plop the puppy in the pen and restore peace in your home during supper hour, homework hour or remove the puppy when a baby is on the floor.  The puppy playpen means you don't have to rush home because your puppy is safe with everything it needs:  bed, food, water, and a place to potty.   They are not meant to live in the playpens, but you can have peace of mind, peace in your home by having this in your home during important times of your day or work schedule.   

For small breeds, I recommend the 24" by 36" pen, which will be a great size for an adult small breed dog.  (with 1 inch floor grid)

For large breeds, you can choose either the 3' X 3' pen or the largest size which is a 4' X 4' pen.  (with 1 inch floor grid.) 

Please know I do not make any commission off of these.  I sincerely want you to be set up for success after you get home and I highly recommend this product.   Also understand by nature, as your puppy matures, they will no longer eliminate in the pen as adult dogs don't go potty where they sleep.  

You will also need two Snappy Fit bowls that snap unto the side of the pen.   I recommend the 1 quart size.   One for water and one for food.  You can order these here: