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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

Welcome to the Playful & Adorable
Petite Waiting Lists.

Kona and T.Rex's Petite F1b Goldendoodles

Kona's  litter:  SOLD OUT.  Fall 2018. 

1.) Kay Routier - reserve met 

2.) Tasha Stamps-reserve coming

3.)  Bridgette Jerman - reserve coming, 2 lists see Ariel. 

4.)  Jane Newman - reserve coming.  * gender, not of facebook or internet.  

5.) Vicki McIrvin - reserve coming. 

6.) Jessica Rudolph - reserve met. ** gender, see also Willow

Standby:  Dean Schauf

Paris and T.Rex's
 Petite F1b Goldendoodles.

Due 5/1/2018.   Spring 2018   $2000.  SOLD OUT 

1.)  Dominique Henadez - reserve coming, 2  lists, please contact me. 
2.)  Shellie Thieman.- 2 lists, see Cookie
3.) Mike Fleege - reserve met via check. *gender
4.) Anjum Gupta- reserve met PayPal, 300.  Wants spring in India. 
5.) Shirley Barrington-reserve coming. 
6.) Kay Routier - reserve met. 

7.) Jeannie Beers - reserve coming if enough pups are born. 
8.) Dean Schauf -

Next List CLOSED

Ruby's Petite F1b Goldendoodles

SOLD OUT.  $2,000. 

Due 4/30/18. Spring 2018:  SOLD OUT 

1.) Lori Stangl - reserve coming when confirmed pregnant. 
2.) Judy Downard -reserve met. 
3.) Alison Morley-reserve coming when confirmed pregnant. 
4.) Bridget Voigt -**  reserve coming
5.)  Pam Beaver - reserve coming if enough are born. 
6.)  Mike Fleege - reserve met via check  *gender

1.) Kay Routier - reserve met
2.) Jenny Peterson

Next list CLOSED. 

 Moyen F1b golden doodles

 Born 4/12/18  11 born, 6 females and 5 males.     Lacey is a very small standard F1 golden doodle only weighing 42 pounds.   We believe she will make stunning babies with T.Rex.  End of  June go home ready.  SOLD OUT.      $2000   

1. Emilee Almond - reserve met. *gender
2. Pam Gillaspey - reserve met.
3. Heather McCarter - reserve met.  *gender 
4. Dave and Marissa Clark - reserve met. 
5. Angie Brown-reserve met. 
6. Becca Baum -  Reserve met.  Potentially take off Maliah on Selection Day. 
7. Donna Duel - reserve met.  
8. Rachel Madlock- reserve met. 
9. Ann Silverman - reserve met.
10.  Kayla Rudd - reserve met. 
11. Melissa Ostrem - reserve met

Winter 2018/2019: 
1.) Angie Brown - reserve coming, see also Crispy fall 2018 list. 
3.) Christina Amys - reserve refunded. 

Miniature F1 Goldendoodle.
bred for Petite F1b goldendoodles

Sangria is a new addition to our program that features a gorgeous dark red coat.   She is stunning in every way.  A maturing female that will be bred by T.Rex for Petite F1b goldendoodles.   Timeframe for this litter is at least over a year away. SOLD OUT. $2000. 

1.)  Kay Routier - reserve met, see Kona. 
2.)  Andrea Brooks- See Skye
3.)  Margie Lingren - reserve coming. 
4.) Misty Anderson - reserve coming, see also Lacey. 
5.) Diane Weston - reserve coming.
6.) Penny Thompson - reserve coming. See Ariel

Miniature F1b Goldendoodle
bred for Moyen Parti F1bb goldendoodles

Ariel is a new addition to our program.   She is a miniature F1b goldendoodle and is currently maturing.  We are  breeding her for moyen parti F1bb goldendoodles in the red and white color with Ann's Wrigley (See Photo Below).  Moyen is a term to describe 20 to 30 pound range.  Time frame for this litter will at least be a year out if not longer pending on heat cycles.  2 standbys available and only 2 standbys as this will be her first litter.    $2500. 

1.)  Bridgette Jerman - reserve coming. 
2.) Margie Lingren - reserve coming. 
3.)  Megan Hall - reserve coming. 
4.)  Diane Weston - reserve coming. 
5.)  Amy Meggers - reserve coming.  See also Skye. 
6.) Kari Horvath - reserve coming.

1.) Penny Thompson - reserve coming. See Sangria.


Wrigley from Wild Paw Doodles