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"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

It's time to get everything ready!

Important Links:

If you are a local customer, please click below for a great groomer! 

If you would like to buy your Nutrisource Dogfood in your hometown.   Click on this link, click on the Nutrisource logo, then click on where to buy and then enter your zipcode.   If you want to buy it from me and pick it up with your puppy, just let me know!  

Need to educate yourself regarding new puppy care?  Try this training material: 


✓ Puppy food.   If you'd like to buy Nutrisource puppy kibble from Kimberlee's Kennels it is available in a 35 lb bag for $45.00 plus tax. Pick up and delivery customers only. If out of state, see link above. Otherwise send me an email and I will add it to your customer file.   
✓ Puppy apartment or Midwest Puppy Playpen. 

✓ Pet bed.  If the budget is tight, a simple old towel folded up will do the trick. 

✓ Water bowl and food bowl.   No spill ones are great, but if you are buying the Midwest Puppy Playpen at,  you will want to buy the co-ordinating  2 Snap'y fit bowls as well. 
  Order here:   Snap'y Fit Bowls   Otherwise, simple bowls from your cupboard will also work, but may get tipped over.  
✓ Brush, comb, dematter tool.   You can learn how to groom simply by watching youtube videos and buying all your supplies here:   Grooming Supplies.  
 Or if you are local, please see  Jill does an excellent job and she is a personal friend of mine.  Let her know I sent you.  You don't need the furminator for non-shedding breeds.  Dematter tool is highly recommended for most of my breeds.    

✓ Toe-nail clippers and forceps for ear hair, might look for general cleanser as well.  See above link Grooming Supplies. 
✓ Shampoo and conditioner.  Make sure it is for puppies under 6 months of age.    If you have children, you might want to throw in some cute bows and cologne.   See above link Grooming Supplies. 
✓ Flea and tick preventative.  Again, make sure this is for puppies under 6 months. These are based on age and the weight of your new puppy.   I highly recommend Frontline by it here:    FRONTLINE 
✓ Heart Guard Preventative.  This is given once a month and typically your vet will get you started on this.  
✓ Scent eliminator. Nature's Miracle in the red and white bottle  which aids in potty training.  Buy it here:    Nature's Miracle.  

*NatNatul Balance Training Loaf.  Natural Balance Training Meat Loaf.  My Number one product for basic obedience and for potty training. Training centers across America use this product.    Found here:  Natural Balance Training Dog food Loaf.    

* Poochie Bell or other Bell.  Some customers will also purchase a bell to aid in potty training.  Door Bell   OR  Poochie Bells

✓ Collar and lead.   The collar depends on the size of the puppy.  If you are getting a small breed, you can start with a 6 inch.  If you are getting a medium or large breed an 8 inch should work.    The retractable leads are great.  Please wait to buy your harness until your puppy is home and you can measure accordingly. 
Buy them here:  Collars & Leads

✓ Toys and treats.   I love the Kong rubber made toys.  No toys made with stuffing.   Ropes are great as well.  You get a free ball in your Puppy Packet!  My favorite treats are the ones made with sweet potato, also tri-flavored kabobs and bull horns are a must!  They can be found at Wal-mart.   Stay away from pig ears as they could contain salmonella poisoning.   I LOVE Greenies, but make sure to look at age recommendations.  Toys and Treats


My review for the Dog Training Secret:

My customers always call about a week after their puppy gets home with a lot of questions regarding difficult issues they are dealing with, whether it is potty training, barking, whining, or mouthing/biting.  For all your training needs there is no reason to look any further.   Simply click on the link above and get practical step by step information.  Upon review, I highly recommend this product.   Explained in an easy to understand video, you will be excited to get your puppy home and start training!    You will soon discover how enjoyable and rewarding training your puppy can be for the whole family.   I feel strongly the steps provided are practical and work well with puppies as I witness dog and puppy behavior every single day.   You have invested financially in your puppy and I now encourage you to invest your time in training your puppy so your puppy will become the wonderful life-long companion your family desires.  Get prepared and order before your puppy comes home.  You can also watch these videos together as a family as you wait for the puppy to come home!   It's just a click away!