Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa


Waiting List Information:

Please ask if you would like to be added to a certain list.  A $300.00 reserve will guarantee you a puppy from your chosen list, which can be sent once an ultrasound has confirmed pregnancy. It is applied to the purchase price.    You can get on any list with a verbal commitment simply by placing a phone call or email.   Once ultrasound is done at 4 weeks gestation, I will contact you for reserve.  Some customers do send the reserve right away so their customer file is complete.  Selections are made in order of your place on the list.  You may reserve conditional to gender, meaning you would get a refund if your gender wasn't available.    I schedule a "selection day" on all litters when puppies are 5 weeks of age.   You are then invited to come visit to pick out your puppy.   Puppies are not ready to go home until 8 weeks.   If you can not come to visit the puppy on selection day, you can request video selection with phone consultation.  The scheduled selection day date and times will be posted on the Selection Day page.  

 Any pups with an overbite or under bite are $50.00 to $100.00 off depending on severity. Scissor cuts there is no reduction.   You also get $100.00 off if you buy 2 puppies.   Please see "Pricing" page for individual prices of different breeds. Please note, pertaining to the litters that are done via artificial insemination, there is a greater risk that your mother will not get bred.  Although, I am very successful with artificial insemination, you need to assume there is a slight risk involoved.  If the mother does not get bred, you can roll your reserve to a future litter or get a refund.  
Once the reserve is received, I start your customer folder and you are guaranteed a pup from the litter.   Also find me on Facebook for exciting announcements of the birth.   Send reserves to:   Kimberlee's Kennels, 2182 Glenville Rd.  Decorah, IA.  52101 or see Make Payment page.   Always include all your contact information:  Address, phone number, email and a note that says which litter you are reserving from and your placement on the list.  Your contact information is required for the Vet. Certificate of health.  Reserves are non-refundable.  Please contact me before sending your reserve either by email or phone call.   563-380-1136. 

(I reserve the right through any correspondence via email, Facebook,  telephone communication via text messaging to refuse the sale to any interested party for any reason without explanation.  I also reserve the right to hold back any puppy for my program for any reason.)

I no longer will sell to other Breeders.   $10,000 fine for those that buy for breeding purposes and I find out about it.  Unless it has been pre-negotiated and is in writing in our contract/bill of sale.

See Pricing for more info...