Kimberlee's Kennels
"Where puppies fall from Heaven & land in Iowa."

Where puppies fall from Heaven and land in Iowa

This page is a tribute to my most wild customers & their fun stories & a few crazy facts:) 

1.) Customer to buy the most dogs in one sale:  Jennifer bought one for each kid and her hubby built an elaborate dog house!  Jennifer has proved herself to be more than capable of handling this.  Very smart lady with a nice set up with a fenced in back yard.  How fun was this! 

2.)  Customer that flew in from the farthest away.  She came from the southern tip of Florida & bought a black, miniature poodle who was her new baby. She paid for his in-cabin seat and flew all the way back!  That was pretty wild!

3.) Craziest married couple that drove the farthest with 4 kids in the car were "The Bradleys."  They came all the way from Kentucky in the dead of winter, picked up their cocker spaniel, "Rambo," and drove all the way back!  One year later, their parents did the same thing and came to buy their cocker spaniel and then drove all the way back.  Thank you to my loyal customers! Honk!  Honk!

4.)  My strangest customer was a lady who reserved a puppy very early on.   At 3 weeks of age before the puppy could even walk, she began to have concerns that there was something wrong with its leg.   She googled Ceaser Milan for advice, talked with her vet and at 8 weeks of age claimed there was something wrong with the puppy's leg.   I told her it's normal for a 3 week old puppies to still slither and that all puppies mature differently.  She really freaked out and canceled the sale.   The puppy sold to my fourteen year old daughter's good friend, and I have watched him grow up.  He was perfectly normal!  She gets a drum role....and I really think it had more to do with the fact that she didn't tell her husband, nor her adult kids she was buying a 4th dog! 

5.)   My two international sales was a cocker spaniel that went to Canada  and an adorable cockapoo that went to the Philipines.   

6.)  My youngest customer, was a young girl from Minnesota who was about 12.   Her dad had her manage everything from finding a breeder, making the phone call, sending the reserve, selecting the puppy, getting the directions to my house, feeding the puppy, taking care of the puppy, training the puppy and handling the vet appointments.  She was very good on the phone and I will not forget her good communication skills.  About a week after having the puppy "attached to her hip."  She was a little exhausted!   I gave her permission to let the puppy "cry it out" while she went to play with her friends!  Turned out to be a success and she was able to make it through the first 12 weeks.  Love you Madigan! 

7.)  My oldest customer was an 81 year old retired lady, who bought one of my retired females.  She bought Royal Ruby and they made a nice pair. Ready to give each other all the love and attention and time together in their "retirement" years!   How sweet! 

8.)  My tallest customer, was a married couple.  A beautiful female dentist that must of been atleast 6 feet and her husband was atleast 6' 6".   They walked in my house, and I was a little taken back as I had to look straight up!  Lovely couple, and she was so pleasant to visit with.  She gave me some old dental supplies to clean my dogs' teeth with. They had two children and had wonderful success with their puppy!   I guess one that will always "Stand out" in my mind.  Beautiful family with 2 adorable children.  

9.)  One customer that I had to threaten to take to civil court was someone that bought an adult dog that I had "rehabilitated" and had never used for breeding.   It was a rescue that I nursed back to perfect health for 2 months and invested in financially.  I was very forth righteous about this. The customer  was from Alexandria, MN. and she came to pick up the dog knowing it was a rescue and cancelled her check on the way home claiming the dog had an ear infection.  Even though I had a Vet. Certificate of Health.  Luckily, my brother is a Sheriff and explained to me that it's ok for her to return an inferior product if she believes it is and get her money back, but she doesn't get to keep the money and the dog! It's one or the other.     She complied and resent the payment.  Goofball. I guess it was worth its money in gas not to have to drive 5 1/2 hours back here to either show up in court or return the dog.        


1.)  The only puppy that has ever been sold to one of my family members, was a beautiful Golden Retriever that went to my 1st cousin Karen Erickson.   She is a die hard Golden Retriever fan!  Thank you for providing a wonderful home for this little girl.    

10.)  The quickest sale ever made was less than 24 hours after I bought a "Maturing female."  She was my precious Selina, an AKC tri-color shihtzu.   She was only a puppy at 12 weeks old when I brought her home and a customer saw her picture on facebook and reserved one of her puppies from her future litter that would come due a year later.  Who wouldn't want one of her puppies?!   

12.)   The quickest customer to put her dog on facebook was Erin Iossi who snapped a shot driving out of my yard, stopped at the mailbox and minutes later her pup was featured.  I thought I recognized that field!   Now that's a fan!